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Those were the words of what Chris Redfield said when he was trapped in a hellhole full of zombies with his partner. It reminded me of that when I found out there was this massive layoff at the jobsite,and almost all the homies got laid off.In other news...The bill was passed today,and it made me happy,eventhough I have insurance.I think everyone should have medical coverage.It would be nice to have universal healthcare here.Everyone is infatuated with capitalism.With this pipe dream of becoming rich and drive a nice car,live a huge house,and have expensive clothes.Why not just live "life" and enjoy the things in it. Haha I'm soo simple :P.
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22 March 2010 @ 07:54 pm
Going to Japan Nite 2010 in Hollywood to see a bunch of Awesome Japanese bands perform :D

Can't wait for The Pillows! I've been waiting for them to come here for the longest! I swear,I'm gonna go crazy when they get on stage haha XD
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22 March 2010 @ 06:49 pm
It's been Aeons since I've got in this,but now I'm back and will start posting.
First off,I was going through tough obstacles in life and felt that I losing my true sense of self.Didn't have time to do anything,but to focus on solving my problems,and that's how life is.A challenge comes across my path everytime,feeling restless.I'm actually thankful for the harsh times in life,cuz it's molding me into a better person.I cannot live my life being comfortable and expect the day to be like yesterday.Live each day like it was my last.Enjoy the times that I spend it with family,friends,and coworkers.

I am happy for who I am...This is me.
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31 January 2010 @ 06:23 pm
Commercial? fuck you commercial ok!?
I don't clean,I'm not clean ok! lol
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26 January 2010 @ 06:56 pm
I will start drawing with charcoal,cuz I just bought these awesome charcoal pencils.. My friend thinks that I cannot draw with charcoal,and will prove her wrong. Why? cuz I like competition :P plus it's been a personal challenge, will post first drawing as soon as i'm done :D
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25 January 2010 @ 08:11 pm
For the Japanese Film Festival Los Angeles!

Hope they show some of Sion Sono's new films and oo ooo Takashi Miike's!
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21 January 2010 @ 07:28 pm
I've been coming home soaked,cuz I'm too stubborn to wear rain gear at work.
Man,just when bad things happens,it has to happen when there's a storm. I hate working outside in the rain. It feels nasty and my body feels cold to the bones. Anyways enough of my whining. Today I had one of those spazzing moments,but this time it was with a general foreman lol. I rarely spazz out about things. We were on the lower level rebuilding a laboratory and he comes out with his jobsite boombox. I said "thank god! music! I don't care what you put,I need music" and he hooks up his ipod to it and I recognized the epic drum intro of killing fields from slayer. I started head banging in a clockwise position playing my air guitar and started spazzing out about Slayer and about the show and Tom's surgery and then talking about their old shit is the best in a thousand miles per second. Then put my safety glasses back on and proceed working lol
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20 January 2010 @ 06:28 pm
Dificil es tratar de resolver el mundo sin resolver tu propia vida
saber hasta que punto tu alma esta comprometida
hastaque punto te olvidas de ti mismo
quieres matarte cuando el resultado al fin siempre es el mismo
(mas de lo mismo)
dificil es cuando caminas solo sin poder gritar
cuando tu jefe en el trabajo no te para de explotar
cuando en el trafico quisieras tener alas y poder volar
cuando atraviesas por un banco y te dan ganas de robar
que dificil es, pagar las cuentas cada mes
luchar pa combatir tu propio estres
que difisil es mirar en el momento de la axion
las cosas que en el fondo tu sabes ya no tienen solucion
dificil es el sueño dificil no avnasar aunque sea bueno el desempeño

que dificil es dificil es la vida
no es facil resolverla luchamos cada dia
que dificil es....

dificil el amor mas que fisico tambien es pscologico el dolor
dificil estar lejos, dificil no aceptarte cuando te miras al espejo
dificil es el asco de tragar su burocrasia
dificil es vivir en esta falsa democracia
dificil respirar monoxido com plomo
preguntas ¿como? cirrosis no es posible, yo no tomo
mirar los linchamientos aumento en el impuesto de alimentos
dificil los espacios restringidos
acseso a ciudadanos elejidos
dificil es crusar aquel desierto
dificil fue llegar y ahora sentir su desconsierto
dificil es mirar la solucion mirando al cielo
dificil es seguir con la mirada siempre al suelo
dificil es el sueño no avansar aunque sea bueno el desempeño

Que dificil es dificil es la vida
no es facil resolverla luchamos cada dia
que dificil es
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14 January 2010 @ 08:40 pm
So today was first day of spring semester,and I only have one class...
I have to retake Math/Rigging.I was bummed out at first,cuz I'm six months behind,but it turned out that it was a good thing.This instructor has alot of experience in both the field and teaching. He's very political,so I like that he knows alot.The hard part is that there is no slack time in that class. He's always lecturing and questions random ppl in class.I had a brain a fart when he asked me a question and "idk" was the answer he expected,and the right answer too lol.

In other news,I donated 10 dollars to the Red Cross for the relief in Haiti through text.thanks slayerizedcarol ^.^

I was having a hard time to find this movie,but Adan came through.He's going to let me copy off his computer. Many ppl know that I like surreal films.....

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12 January 2010 @ 08:00 pm
I think I should sleep more than 5 hrs
Had a 7 Hrs sleep and woke up feeling like I can take on the post apocalyptic world :D
Even though work was a bit challenging today,my brain was fully functional ^_^
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