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25 March 2010 @ 06:34 pm
Where was I? ok now I remember... Yesterday at work was not cool.A tripod vice struck me on my left cheek,and I can say that it was a horrible pain.Thought I messed up my teeth and it almost like I was bleeding,but it's just a bruise.It's still bothering and my classmates had like a million sex jokes up in their sleeves today. Finals was pretty lame! I studied my ass off,and still got a 79! a 79! I thought I was going to get at least an 86-90,but didn't. Now,I'm going to the second part of the class which I already took,but really fucked up by waking up late on the finals and have to retake this all over again,but the math part is out of the way :D.

Last night I was at Pinkberries with Susie.It's like our weekly ritual to meet up at Pinkberry in Manhattan beach and just talk about things for like 2 hours or more.We call eachother comadres cuz we can't stop talking smack or gossip about things.She's kind of my twin,except that she's colder than me.We were talking mainly talking about Friday night at the Cheesecake Factory,how it turned out to be a fiasco and going to the bowling alley at Torrance was a waste of time and money.

Ah tomorrow is another busy day.At least there will be a BBQ tomorrow at work,and I will devour everything on my sight.I hope they have chicken with the biscuits and mash potatoes.I'm craving that oooo ooo oo and mac and cheese yum :P
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majisukamajisuka on March 26th, 2010 07:33 pm (UTC)
ouch that must of hurt has it gone yellow yet thats the worst... what happened in the cheesecake factory sounds like a funny story i think they might open a cheesecake factory here... i cant believe your work place do BBQ'S the last time i worked overtime they said i could have a left over beer (-_-)